Today's fast-paced lifestyle means that parents, care-givers, and teachers are constantly bombarded with demands for their time, energy, and attention. Behaviour Detectives was established to help adults understand and help children who are displaying distressed behaviours, regardless of whether a neurological, developmental, or behavioural condition has been diagnosed. We're about being positive, and believe that working proactively with children and adults who are having a hard time is the best way to achieve better outcomes for everyone.

While our main focus is families with children aged 2-10 years old, behaviour principles are relevant to all people - regardless of their age, or background. Personalised support is available for children and their families, as well as teachers and their students. Katrina is dedicated to working with you to make positive adjustments. She has an in-depth understanding of the many challenges that arise in households, social, and learning environments on a daily basis, and shares first-hand parenting experience in supporting children with challenging behaviours and 'difference'.

Katrina Phillips


Behaviour Detectives

Katrina has completed a wide range of behaviour training and has practised in home, community, education, and military settings. She is qualified and skilled in behaviour analysis, but has successfully integrated approaches from multidisciplinary fields into programmes and life (occupational and speech therapies, psychology, relationship development intervention, positive behaviour interventions and supports, and collaborative and proactive solutions). She is passionate about helping children and families to lead fulfilling lives and assists families and schools in increasing social engagement and ​enjoyment. As a parent, educator, and analyst, Katrina has first-hand experience in many behaviour challenges faced by the Behaviour Detectives community. She creates an environment that is relaxed and informative by sharing joys and struggles, creating a comfortable atmosphere to learn, laugh, ask questions, and make new connections.

In addition to her in-depth understanding of teaching, children's learning, and behaviour (via completion of an internationally verified course sequence in behaviour analysis), Katrina's qualifications extend to childhood development, and assessments including PEAK (Promoting Emergence of Advanced Knowledge) Relational Training System (Level 1 Certified), VB-MAPP (Verbal Behaviour - Milestones Assessment & Placement Program), and EFL (Essential For Living). Her training and experience also includes Positive Behaviour Supports (PBS), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and 'Accept, Identify, Move' - an ACT curriculum for children. Katrina is also skilled in implementation of 'Collaborative and Proactive Solutions' pioneered by Dr Ross Greene, and is an advocate with his organisation 'Lives in the Balance'.

Academic qualifications include: M.Ed, B.Mus (Studio Teaching), DipPM, Cert IV Training & Assessment

Katrina is a member of the following professional organisations: ABAA, ABIA, APBSA, Behavior Analysis in Military and Veterans' Issues SIG