Training for Adults

Helping parents, caregivers, and educators understand and interpret behaviour is essential in supporting children to thrive. Let Behaviour Detectives introduce you to the 'when' and 'why' behind challenges and how to achieve positive change. Not only will you see a decrease in previously worrisome behaviours, but you'll feel empowered and equipped with knowledge and skills that will improve your connection and relationship!

Support for Children

Children thrive in learning environments that are upbeat, fun, and engage their individual needs and interests. We can meet with you to understand the support you require, then develop ways you can practice learning new skills with your child. We help you achieve set goals and work towards building capacity and quality of life for you and your child in fun, engaging, and positive ways. Specialised areas include:

  • adjusting to kindergarten and primary school environments

  • learning safe play with others before transitioning to primary school

  • improving life skills, including asking for help, waiting, and taking turns with others

  • improving the connection and relationship between you and your child in positive ways

Group Training

Behaviour Detectives offers group training sessions online as a cost-effective way of learning about behaviour. It can be reassuring to connect with others who are learning the same information and skills, and previous attendees have enjoyed the community bond they've established through hearing the experiences of others.


To enquire about current group training opportunities or request a customised training session/course for your organisation, please call us on 0432 753 884.

Behaviour Detectives is taking expressions of interest for online group training.


The About Behaviour... course runs over five consecutive weeks. To complement learning, you can join the group discussion afterwards. You'll have the opportunity to ask Katrina questions and hear from like-minded others keen to learn more about behaviour.


The course is peppered with relatable examples and practical solutions. It includes exploration of:

  • The science behind behaviour

  • The importance of relationships

  • Identifying and focusing on the things we like

  • The ways we can support behavioural learning

  • What to do when we see significant behaviours

Make contact to register your interest!

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