Training for Adults

Helping parents, care-givers, and educators to understand and interpret behaviour is an essential component in supporting children to thrive. Let Behaviour Detectives introduce you to the science behind behaviour so you can understand when and why challenges arise. Not only will you see a change in previously worrisome behaviours, but you'll feel empowered and equipped with knowledge and skills to improve connection and relationships.

Support for Children

Children thrive in environments where learning is positive, fun, and engages their individual needs and interests. We can meet with you to understand the support you require, then develop ways you can practice learning new skills with your child. We help you to achieve set goals, and work towards building capacity and quality of life for you and your child in fun, engaging, and positive ways. Specialised areas include:

  • building pre-school social skills in readiness for transitioning to primary school

  • adjusting to kindergarten and primary school environments

  • improving essential life skills such as asking for help, waiting, and taking turns with others

  • improving the connection and relationship between you and your child in positive ways

Group Training

Behaviour Detectives offers group training sessions online as a cost-effective way of learning about behaviour. It can be reassuring to connect with others who are learning the same information and skills, and previous attendees have enjoyed the community bond they've established through hearing the experiences of others.


To enquire about current group training opportunities or to request customised training for your organisation, please call us on 0432 753 884.

Behaviour Detectives will be running an online group training series for parents and carers in Term 3.

The course will focus on the when and why of behaviour, as well providing a range of practical strategies to help support skill development and build relationships.

Visit the 'Book Online' page for dates and details!